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March 15 - June 9, 2024

The 8th Yokohama Triennale

The Yokohama Triennale is an international exhibition of contemporary art held every three years. The exhibition features internationally renowned and up-and-coming artists and art directors and presents the latest trends and expressions in contemporary art.
Since its inauguration in 2001, the Yokohama Triennale has continued to address the relationships between the individual and society, as well as Japan and the rest of the world, constantly reexamining the role art plays from a variety of perspectives. During the Triennale, artwork will also be featured outside of the venue, being displayed at train stations and commercial facilities across the city of Yokohama.

February 1-24, 2024

Yokohama Chinese New Year Festival 2024

The City of Yokohama will hold the Yokohama Chinese New Year Festival 2024 from February 1 to coincide with the Chinese New Year in Yokohama Chinatown. Traditional Chinese giant lanterns will be installed at 32 locations in Yokohama Chinatown as well as at major stations and commercial facilities in the Yokohama Bay Area to add color and a sense of celebration to the city. In addition, traditional lion dances will be performed by dancers in lion costumes in areas where the lanterns are installed to bring good luck and fortune for the Chinese New Year.

February 7-9, 2024

Technical Show Yokohama 2024

The Technical Show Yokohama has been held 44 times in Yokohama, establishing a firm position in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area as a comprehensive trade fair for industrial technology and products. The show brings together hardware and software for materials, components, R&D, manufacturing, IT, and environmental issues. The show provides a place for companies to present new technologies and products, acquire new customers, conduct business negotiations, gather information, and share and exchange information about different kinds of technology.

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Access to Yokohama

Required Time to Get to Yokohama

  • Railway
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From Haneda Airport30min.By railway or bus
From Tokyo Station30min.By railway
From Narita International Airport90min.By railway or bus
From Mt. Fuji120min.By bus
Access Map to Yokohama